The Plan

The core of our District 11 schools was built 60 years ago during a very different time in our country. JFK had set our nation on a mission to land a man on the moon and The Beatles were dominating the Top 40. The world has changed a lot since then and so have the needs of our schools. Without raising taxes, we can modernize our schools and prepare our kids to pioneer into a future yet to be imagined.

Voting Yes on 4B will help prepare the next generation

District 11 has identified a $700 million backlog in necessary maintenance and repairs. Older schools lack many of the features and tools necessary for a modern education. They weren’t designed with digital access and internet in mind. The needs of modern science, technology, and medical education have grown, and many older schools weren’t built with air conditioning.

Without raising taxes, we can modernize our schools and ensure every student is receiving an education and access to the tools necessary to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

Without raising taxes

voting YES on 4B this November will allow District 11 to modernize our schools through:

Want to dive deeper?

District 11 has put together a full masterplan on how they intend to modernize and update their schools for the future.